Listen Live To The Cabot Nightflyers Net

Listen Live To The Cabot Nightflyers Net

From this page, you can listen live to the Cabot Nightflyers Net, on the Exceptional Amateur Radio (EAR) Network. Please note that all of the Listen Live links are dependent on the availability of internet resources at Nightflyers Central...and as such, there may be times when these may not be available. Our apologies for any inconvenience...your understanding is greatly appreciated.

The Cabot Nightflyers Net was created in order to promote amateur radio activities during late evening hours, for those operators and listeners that might not be available during times of the day, when the majority of normal net activities tend to occur.

The purpose of the net is to provide training, amateur radio fellowship, and to promote discussion on a variety of topics, that include both radio-related items as well as other items not necessarily related to radio.

The net has covered a wide variety of topics that have included Emergency Communications Training And Preparedness, introduction to newer modes of radio communications, VHF/UHF Weak Signal Operations, and even such topics as technology assisting those with disablities.

The general net format is participatory in nature, meaning that all operators who checkin to the net are encouraged to act as part of the net by contributing their thoughts and comments on net topics and/or other discussion activities.

Live broadcast of activities conducted by the Cabot Nightflyers Amateur Radio Group that is active in Central Arkansas can be streamed live to this page. Nets, special events, and other radio activities may be broadcast live for all to enjoy, dependent on availability of internet resources. More information can be found at the navigation bars at the top of this page. Be sure to click on the PLAY button to listen to the live audio.

The Nightflyers Chatbox is provided for use during the Nightflyers Net. Please feel free to post comments and/or additional information in the chat box area for other viewers to see. In consideration of others on the net, please keep all chatbox comments and conversations clean and void of profanity, or other offensive material.

Inside the Listen Live Box with the airplane pictured inside it, and the word POLL should be in the lower left corner. If you scroll over the word POLL, and click should take you to where you can vote.

To find out when the next Cabot Nightflyers Net will meet, click here, and scroll down the page below the list of stations checked in.

About one hour prior to the net, the GME Music Show, found elsewhere on this page, Music played is generally from the 1980's, but a little music from other eras is played as well. The time is also used as sort of a ''pre-net checkin time''...through the live online chat.

For those using the Nightflyers Chatbox on the website during the Sunday evening events...many have expressed concern about not being able to log in with their specific username after the broadcast has begun. In talking with the folks at UStream, we may have figured out a solution. Users can try this and see if it works - we will let UStream know once everything is worked out:

Users wishing to sign in should first go here, and Log In with your password. Once that's done, you should be able to search for Cabot Nightflyers, and listen directly from the UStream page. Or, you can go to this website (without logging out of UStream) and it should keep you on as identified by your sign in name.  Remember to log out once you are finished listening.

Please let us know how this works out and if you need any further assistance so we can look into the issue further if needed.

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