Cabot Nightflyers Net News And Notes

Cabot Nightflyers Net News And Notes

This page was last updated on Oct. 3, 2021.

News And Notes

As many know, The Cabot Nightflyers Net went QRT some time ago. Lately, there has been sporadic interest of reviving it. However, there are several items that are working AGAINST that happening:

1) Due to all the politics, etc., with area clubs, the only local work I do now is being the UALR Ham Radio Club VE Team Liaison. However, due to COVID-19 issues, and because many of my fellow Volunteer Examiners are in the vulnerable group...never mind having difficulty in getting a site for testing...I don't know when I can resume doing exams again. But, because of these things, I have basically lost touch with most of the hams that were involved with it. I have no clue on what happened to Steve, KC5FWE (who started the net, and was its main Net Control for years). I talked to Jesse, WX1DX, and for various reasons, he's no longer interested in the net or the hobby. I have also talked with Doug, KC0EQA, on both Echolink and D-Star.

2) I already have several nets that I do during the week. These basically are on Sunday afternoon, Monday night, Tuesday night, Friday morning and night, and the 3rd Saturday...the latter working around another hobby for my health, square dancing.

3) I'm living at my late parents QTH in southwest Little Rock (my Dad died in February, 2007...and my Mom died in August, 2019)...but with all the lightning around here during thunderstorms, and the way my health and finances are, I can NOT have RF gear or antennas. So, I have to operate ''internet radio'' ONLY. I know this gives the ham radio purists untold grief (they believe that ''any internet radio is NOT amateur radio''), yet an FCC official said in an article in QST years ago, that ''we are communicators first, and amateur radio operators second''. However, if you can't get on the air, why even work to get licensed?? Plus, it's hard enough finding folks to be club officers or Net Controls. Yet, many of these hams are what I term as ''Hi, Bye, and QSY'' hams...who try to see how many nets they can check into in a day or evening. There is NOT a prize, bonus, award, certificate, etc., for seeing how many nets you can check into in a day or evening. Plus, if there is special info on the net, these folks are out of the loop, because they don't stick around. Now, if you have things like church, family, health, job, or ''honey-do's'' that require you to be short time, that's understandable, as this is a HOBBY.

4) I do NOT know of an individual or a club who would be willing to provide a repeater or reflector to us for use. While I'm willing to be Net Control, if I can't get on via Echolink or D-Star, I'm out of luck. Plus, I already run several nets during the week (mostly on D-Star or on The QuadNet Array), I would have to work around that schedule. Even if we were to be able to get a repeater or reflector (to allow both RF and Internet Access), and a suitable net day and we meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly??

5) Topics of discussion. Electronics was never my forte', but I have several items on my computer bulletin board system (BBS) that I could use for material. However, the ''holiday nets'' we did in years past likely would NOT be able to be reprised. Traffic, programs, etc., must be on items related to amateur radio...such as The Triple Play. Otherwise, it's defined as ''broadcasting'', which is illegal under Part 97.

So, while I'm willing to be Webmaster and Net Control (if we revive the net), I need feedback from folks on what they would want on this. I can NOT do it all, so I will need some help. We could change the title to just ''The Nightflyers Net'', if the node was out of the area...and I can check with the folks with The QuadNet Array for possible connections...but I believe the Sunday evening time slots are already taken.

Your responses will be appreciated.

Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Webmaster, and Potential Net Control

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