Cabot Nightflyers Net News And Notes

Cabot Nightflyers Net News And Notes

This page was last updated on Mar. 22, 2019.

News And Notes

1) After an extended hiatus, work is being done by Jesse, WX1DX, and Daryl, WX4QZ...along with consultation with net founder Steve, KC5FWE... on REVIVING the net. We are hoping to return to what it was originally, in a weekly net format...with both WX1DER and WX1DX alternating as Net Control. The main things that have to be worked out yet are the day and time of the net (although we may try for the original day and time of Sundays at 9pm Central)...and the Echolink Node for the net. There is thought being given on a possible redesign of the net certificate, but that's not guaranteed. Those who already have their Nightflyer Number will NOT lose that.

2) While the Listen Live link is unavailable at this time (it may be reactivated in the future), you can still stay up to date with various things via the website, the email list, and on Facebook. Right now, we are looking at staying with the Yahoo Groups, but if certain issues preclude us from doing so, we may revive the group over on -- unlike the Yahoo Groups, there are no ads, and it's much easier to work with.

3) Once warmer weather returns in spring, we may look into sponsoring a Hammin' In The Park event.

4) Over 10,000 hits have been recorded to the website...thanks to everyone for their participation!!

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